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Teaching in SL

Over the years, I have been incorporating more and more technology into my chemistry classes. Now that I retired in 2015, it is fun to look back at what I did. Here's a PP presentation I gave long ago. I am editing this in 2017.

Fall 2010 was my 3rd semester at trying to incorporate optional weekly review sessions into SL. Optional for a few reasons. (1) My classes are large; I teach two classes of about 250 students each, so obviously I cannot have everyone in SL at the same time. (2) I do have a few students under 18 - which is problematic. (3) Some students are very uncomfortable in SL. Here I'll be blogging about the trials/tribulations of encouraging students to get involved in SL. Here's the link to a video clip of a tour of my area:

Chemistry World is the island Kurt Winkleman and I developed to see if first year chem students can do labs in SL. This blog is not about that project.

You can visit to keep updated with our papers.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Great Resource for SL

Hi, all - wanted to talk about a great resource for newbie's in SL: 
Second Life Blogs > Second Life Forums > Scripting > Discussions.
To see the benefits, here is the link to my question so you can see all the nice people helping me out:  How do I script a random gift giver for a chemistry assignment?  The issues are still being worked out.  The purpose behind this script would be to give a student a random 3-D molecule or ion to build and then give info about.  I plan on having several of these molecule kiosts, one each for different classification of molecules:  octet obeyers, octet disobeyers, ions, molecules with lone pairs, molecules that exhibit resonance, etc.  The student will pick one molecule/ion from each kiosk to work on.  At least, that's the plan for now.

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